Residenze Officina

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Under Construction
Milan, Italy[/blockquote]Residenze Officina is an housing building thought for city users who want to live comfortably while consuming less energy. We just started building it in Milan. The construction will be finished by July 2013, just 9 months after groundbreaking.
These housing units are thought for young users like students or young couples that want to have a smart and energy-efficient apartment very close to the center of Milan. That’s why we chose a radically different material for this type of building: most of its structure is made of naturally grown material, in fact the walls and the slab are prefabricated in wood. Each building component is fabricated in Iseo near Brescia and then transported to Milan. This type of fabrication reduce drastically the cost and the time for construction while gives better qualities to the final building in terms of energy efficiency, structural stability and interior comfort