Nobile Housing

[blockquote type="blockquote_line" align="left"]Program:
Design Phase
Nobile, Italy[/blockquote]Nobile is an ancient village in the countryside of Erba. The site of the project is located at the very limit  between the ancient borrough and the natural landscape that surround it precio inderal. The building act a binder between the countryside and the village. Each apartment in fact can benefit of two main views, towards south the big windows and their front terraces act as a frame for the natural landscape while the rigorous rhythm of the windows of the north facade offer views toward the aged facades of the surrounding houses.
The big garden on the south is conceived as a large public park that enhance the relation of the building with the landscape.
The building will be built entirely with prefabricated panels made of wood, while its heating system will collect the heat from the ground with a geothermal system and release it naturally inside the apartments.