Assos Corporate Lounge

[blockquote type="blockquote_line" align="left"]Program:
Corporate lounge
Lugano, Switzerland[/blockquote]The Assos’s corporate lounge is a multi-functional space that can accommodate different types of events. Its furnishing system can be configured accordingly. A continuos perforated wall made of Corian defines and characterizes the space itself. The history of the brand is synthesized and evoked trhough 6 key images. These images are converted in an halftone pattern using a generative algorithm. The Corian panels are then produced by a CNCmachine that follows directly the instruction of the algorithm The wall is backlit and animates the space, the images change their aspect trough the day and depending on the viewer’s position. On the longest wall the pattern becomes thinner to allow projection for presentations and events. The Lounge is equipped with iPads so that users can freely modify the atmosphere — controlling lights and music — while staying in touch with Assos’s heritage and latest product line. ASSOS is a swiss brand based in Lugano that produce performance oriented fabrics to construct highly technical cycling garments.